Past CHC Conferences


5th Conference for Health Care


The 5th CHC was held at the Nogami President Hotel in Iizuka city on October 27th and 28th, 2017.
The conference had over 150 participants from hospitals and companies inside and outside of Japan. There were 14 lectures, including talks from Gary Kaplan and Henry Otero and Chika Lambert from Virginia Mason Medical Center (VMMC), and others from hospitals around Japan.
In addition to the constantly changing VMMC approach, advanced initiatives such as following were presented and meaningful discussions were held.

  • Toyota Production System helps increase production efficiency by thorough elimination waste and management of processes, people and things.
  • How to draw strategic planning enhanced organizational motivation to lead to real customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction
  • Hub & Spokes giving a clue as to continue medical system of the integrated community care system and regional medical corporation
  • Internet of things might a drastic change in the quality control of healthcare in the world

In addition to Japan medical care, we have been discussing the organization and healthcare from other industries and global initiatives.

Main Presentations (Presenters' affiliation)

  • Quality Management System –Value Stream Mapping and Waste(VMMC)
  • Toyota Production System Kaisen (Toyota Motor Kyushu)
  • Improving Patient Care through World Class Management(VMMC)
  • Strategic Planning in MSF Japan *Draft(MSF Japan)
  • Applying VMPS to Supply Chain(VMMC)
  • Material & Equipment Management in Aso Iizuka Hospital(AIH)
  • Empowering Nurses to Improve Patient Care(VMMC)
  • Educational System for Supporting the Development of AIH Nurses: Enabling Individuals to Shine(AIH)
  • Transforming the Medication Use Process with VMPS(VMMC)
  • Toward zero waiting time ~Pharmacy Challenge~(AIH)
  • Introduction of JST into the process in outpatient clinic(Tagawa shinsei Hospital)
  • Introduction of appropriate staff allocation into the cooking process(Tagawa shinsei Hospital)
  • Using Patient Reported Outcome Measures(PROMs) to Improve Care(VMMC)
  • Various staff Info-sharing system Vital Link(Teijin Pharma)