Past CHC Conferences


2nd Conference for Health Care


The 2nd CHC was held at the Denki Building Honkan in Fukuoka city on November 7th and 8th, 2014.

Being the second time to be held, the number of participants were more than double, with about 150 attending from hospitals, universities and companies from within and outside Japan. Also, not only from Virginia Mason Medical Center (VMMC) and Aso Iizuka Hospital (AIH), there were 6 presenters including those from Singapore National University Hospital and Kansai University. This enabled presenters to introduce Kaizen methods and approaches, as well as adding an "educational" aspect to the conference.

Main Presentations (Presenters' affiliation)

Quality Management System

  • Virginia Mason Production System: Methods for Improvement (VMMC)
  • Total Quality Management (AIH)


  • World Class Management: Board, Executive and Front line leader roles (VMMC)
  • Leadership at AIH (AIH)

Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis

  • Balanced Scorecard and Kaizen activities at Ebina General Hospital (Ebina General Hospital)
  • Current state and Future agenda of the Outcome Measurement System (AIH)

Integrated Care

  • Orthopedic Service Line (VMMC)
  • Integrated Care for Singapore National University Health System (Singapore National University Hospital)
  • Integrated Care of Home Visit Care Service (Kaita Hospital)

Kaizen Examples

  • Multidisciplinary Conference (MDC) in the Neurosurgery Department (From a medical social worker's point of view) (AIH)
  • Bed with built-in Fall Prevention Alarm (Paramount Bed CO., LTD. / AIH)

Education Sessions

  • Value Stream Map (VMMC)
  • Marketing (Kansai University)

Poster Sessions

  • Patient Safety Education Improvement for Nurses (Osaka City University Hospital)
  • Present Situation of "Kaizen" Activities based on TQM (Ehime Prefectural Central Hospital)
  • Healthcare Challenges at Muikaichi Hospital (Muikaichi Hospital)