Past CHC Conferences


4th Conference for Health Care


The 4th CHC was held at the Nogami President Hotel in Iizuka city on November 11th and 12th, 2016.
The conference had over 140 participants from hospitals and companies inside and outside of Japan.
There were 7 lectures, including talks from Gary Kaplan and Henry Otero from Virginia Mason Medical Center (VMMC), and others from hospitals around Japan.
In addition to the constantly changing VMMC approach, advanced initiatives such as the integrated community care system in Keiju Medical Center and the electronic medical records of Kumamoto Saiseikai Hospital were presented and meaningful discussions were held.

Main Presentations (Presenters' affiliation)

  • Leadership in Seki Chuo Hospital(SEKI Chuo Hospital)
  • Graduate Medical Education and Virginia Mason(VMMC)
  • Graduate Medical Education in AIH(AIH)
  • An Overview of the Virginia Mason Production System(VMMC)
  • Interprofessional Quality Control in Kitasato University Hospital(Kitasato University)
  • Population Health Care in USA(VMMC)
  • Vision for the integrated community care system in Japan(Keiju Medical Center)
  • Meaningful Use of Information Technology at Virginia Mason
    Using the Electronic Health Record to Support Zero Defects(VMMC)
  • How to put medical information to practical use
    ~recording・data collecting・analyzing・visualization~(Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital)
  • Townships and the Qualimed TQM Journey(Qualimed Manila)
  • Introduction of 5S-KAIZEN-TQM approach, Its effects and challenges,
    ~experiences from Tanzania~(Fujita Planning Co., Ltd.)