Past CHC Conferences


1st Conference for Health Care


The 1st CHC was held on November 22nd and 23rd, 2013 at Nogami President Hotel in Iizuka city.

This was the first attempt to have Virginia Mason Medical Center (VMMC) and Aso Iizuka Hospital (AIH) present and discuss by comparing their own cases looking at the aspects of quality management and Kaizen systems. These presentations were shared among about 70 participants from all around Japan.

The first day of the conference was from 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM, the second day was 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. There were 22 presentations and discussions in total, and was a very highly productive conference.

Main Presentations (Presenters' affiliation)

Quality Management System (QMS)

  • Why QMS is needed in VMMC (VMMC)
  • Why QMS is needed in AIH (AIH)
  • Virginia Mason Production System (VMMC)
  • AIH's QMS: ISO9001 (AIH)


  • Leadership in VMMC (VMMC)
  • Leadership in AIH (AIH)

Resource Management

  • Quality Education System; Kaizen Workshop (VMMC)
  • Quality Education from TQM activities (AIH)

Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis

  • Safety Management: Patient Safety Alert System (VMMC)
  • Immediate Report System (AIH)

Building of the New Wing

  • New building in VMMC (VMMC)
  • Building the North Wing at AIH (AIH)

Kaizen activities

  • Kaizen activities in the Operation Room (VMMC)
  • Human Resource (VMMC)
  • Kaizen activities in the Pharmacy Department (AIH)
  • Bedsore Management (AIH)


  • Developing a Strategic Approach to Innovation (VMMC)
  • Innovation of Information, People and Things from Quality Management (AIH)